How Events Can Benefit From Location Intelligence

Event planners and organizers can leverage Skyhooks location data and analytics to uncover event trends and insights about attendees. Using location intelligence, organizers can better understand fan demographics and foot traffic patterns to optimize event logistics, identify brand partnerships and create a better fan experience.

Use cases

Event Analytics

Discover attendee event trends such as number of visits to venues by date, same day venue visits, return rates, where they traveled from, and where they like to shop and visit in their free time. Understanding trends and patterns in consumer behavior such as where event attendees come from and what they do once they arrive at the event can help organizers improve attendee numbers and event performance. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Discover brands that your audience frequently visits or interacts with to identify sponsorship opportunities. Using location data and foot traffic analysis, event organizers can better understand their target demographic and monitor event behavior. Through discovering complementary brands, teams can better identify the right brand partnerships.

Attendee Behaviors & Demographics

Understand trends and patterns in attendee behavior such as where attendees shop or socialize most allows you to tailor messaging to their personal interests when they enter an event. Determine attendee demographics by cross referencing devices with census block groups. 

Strategic Decision Making

Utilize foot traffic analysis to inform strategic decisions such as where to place bathrooms, concession stands and other vendor locations. With event attendee tracking, demographic data and real time location services, you can even drill down into the behaviors of different customer segments during your events. 

Look-alike Modeling

Identify common patterns of behavior of devices seen at events and use look-alike targeting to reach other devices that share those similar behaviors. These improved marketing efforts ensure that event organizers are targeting the right audience.

How Skyhook Does It

At Skyhook, our location network provides us with access to massive amounts of highly precise mobile device data. Our location data combines first party data gathered via our Skyhook Context and Precision Location with data provided by our trusted partners. This data provides insights into anonymized behaviors of mobile users as they move throughout their day and where they frequently visit and shop.

Additionally, Skyhook conducts foot traffic analysis to analyze consumer movement patterns at specific venues or events to extract meaningful market insights to help organizers facilitate successful events.

Skyhook is partnered with common ad identifiers to easily combine with device graphs, CRMs and other 3rd party data sets.


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